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Overdraft Protection

Avoid the stress, embarrassment and unnecessary fees of returned checks! Never worry about overdrawing your Checking Account again. Overdraft protection provides the automatic coverage you need in the event you accidentally write a check and don’t have the funds to cover it. Two forms of Overdraft Protection are available:

Overdraft Line of Credit
Like an instant loan, the Overdraft Line of Credit provides members with overdraft protection and is available to members on approved credit.
  • Credit limit up to $75,000 (combined with all unsecured loans and credit lines).
  • Funds transferred in $100 increments from your line-of-credit to cover the amount of the overdraft.
Overdraft Protection from Shares
Automatically transfer funds from your Share (savings) account to your Checking account in the event you accidentally overdraw on your account.
  • Funds are transferred in multiples of $100 from your share account to your Checking account.
  • No credit checks or lengthy applications

Important Information About Overdraft Protection

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