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Why You Should Switch to A Credit Union

Higher Earnings on Savings
Hawaii State FCU believes in rewarding you for the money you save. That's why we offer higher rates on your savings than most other financial institutions.

Dividend-Earning Checking Accounts
Why let your money sit in your checking account doing nothing, when Hawaii State FCU offers dividend-earning checking? After all, every little bit adds up.

Lower Interest on Auto and Personal Loan
At Hawaii State FCU, you can get up to 100% financing on the things you want at some of the lowest rates in town. It's easy and the terms are flexible. It's all possible because as a not-for-profit institution, we can take better care of members like you.

Low Rates on Home Equity Lines of Credit
You work hard to make your house a home. So why not let your home work for you? Get up to a $250,000 line of credit based on your home's equity at extraordinarily low rates. Use it for home improvement, bill consolidation, paying taxes, starting a business, sending your kids to college, or a number of other big expenses.

Low or No Fees and Penalties
Banks are known for tacking on hidden fees and slamming you with penalties. Many of them come as a surprise if you fail to read the fine print. Not so with Hawaii State FCU. We've minimized or eliminated most fees associated with various products and services.

Lower Interest Credit Cards
Hawaii State FCU gives you low fixed APRs on credit cards, without transfer or transaction fees. Plus, you'll get generous grace periods, other added benefits like auto rental insurance, and no minimum finance charge. And, you can earn rewards points redeemable for merchandise, travel benefits and more.

Free Online Banking and Free Online Bill Pay
Take control of your credit union account information. Get up-to-date information on your balances, instantly transfer funds between Hawaii State FCU accounts, even pay bills online to virtually any payee - all for FREE!

Free 30-Minute Financial Checkup
In just a half hour, Hawaii State FCU can improve your financial health. Among the things we could accomplish is reviewing your credit, refinancing your higher interest-rate loans, cutting the interest on your credit cards, and consolidating your debt. In addition, we may be able to increase your savings yields and get set you up with an interest-bearing checking account.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) at Hawaii State FCU help you save more for retirement. Penalty-free withdrawals are also allowed under certain circumstances.

Lower Rate Mortgage Loans
Whichever home loan you choose, you can count on finding great rates at Hawaii State FCU. Not to mention, the approval process is bound to go smoother.

Higher Yielding Term Share Certificates
At Hawaii State FCU, term share certificate dividends are higher than you'll find on certificates at most banks.

Financial Education Services
Think of it as "money school." Hawaii State FCU offers free seminars that teach you how to manage your money. There are different topics geared toward different people. Choose the ones you need most. They'll pay off now and down the road.

Faster Approval on Loans
With Hawaii State FCU, the loan process is easy and streamlined. No need to jump through hoops, and in most cases, approval can take less than a day. You can apply through our website, through our Call Center, or through any branch.

Hawaii's Largest Network of ATMs
Hawaii State FCU members who have regular or interest-bearing checking enjoy twenty free transactions a month at any Bankoh Bank Machine and unlimited free transactions through our own Hawaii State FCU ATM network. Chances are there's one near you.

Special Services
Hawaii State FCU goes the extra mile for members when it comes to getting loans, buying a vehicle, helping college students, the list goes on. We also offer additional FREE convenient services some banks charge for, such as American Express Travelers Cheques, notary service, signature guarantee service, teller checks, money orders, National Auto Dealers Association New and Used Car Guides, and a monthly member newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the latest financial information.

Personalized Service
If you want truly personal attention, Hawaii State FCU is the place. We really do get to know you. Not just your name, but your financial situation, needs, dreams and goals. It's all about you.

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