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Please call us first to initiate a stop payment request. We can be reached at 808-587-2700, or toll-free at 1-888-586-1056 from the neighbor island and the Continental U.S. Then select the ShareCheck or Loan Draft Stop Payment box. Complete the form and print 2 copies (retain 1 for your records), before you submit it. Sign and mail the printed form to the address below within 14 days from when the order was phoned in.

ShareCheck Loan Draft Stop Payment Order

Member Name: Acct.#:
Home Ph: Bus.Ph:
E-mail address:

I authorize the Hawaii State FCU (hereafter referred to as Credit Union) to stop payment of the following ShareCheck(s)/Loan Draft(s):


I warrant that the item description, including date, exact amount, item number and payee is correct. I understand that the exact information on the item is necessary for the Credit Union's computer to identify the item. If I give the Credit Union the incorrect date, amount, item check number or payee, the Credit Union will not be responsible for failing to stop payment on the item.

I agree:

  • To indemnify the Credit Union against any loss incurred by the Credit Union due to refusal to pay such ShareCheck(s)/Loan Draft(s), including the amount of the ShareCheck(s)/Loan Draft(s) and all related costs and expenses.
  • To notify the Credit Union in writing to cancel this order when the need ceases to exist.
  • That closing the ShareCheck)/Loan Draft(s) account which this ShareCheck(s)/Loan Draft(s) is drawn shall automatically cancel this order.
  • That should such ShareCheck(s)/Loan Draft(s) be paid during the effective life of this order, the Credit Union's liability shall be limited to the extent of the damages suffered by the drawer as a result, but not in excess of the amount of the ShareCheck(s)/Loan Draft(s).
  • That this order will expire SIX (6) MONTHS from the date first received, unless earlier released or renewed in writing. A new order must be placed to extend the expiration date for another six (6) months. If the stop payment is expired or removed, the ShareCheck/Loan Draft will be paid when it is presented.
  • That a non-refundable fee (as stated in the Fee Schedule) will be assessed per ShareCheck to account number , sub-account . This fee also applies to renewals.

Member's Signature

Unless your signature appears above, the request was orally made and shall not be binding on the Credit Union beyond 14 days from the date of this form unless confirmed in writing by you within the 14-day period. Please mail form to:

Please complete, print, sign and mail to:
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union
Attn: Webmail
P.O. Box 3072
Honolulu, HI 96802-3072