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Multi-Factor Authentication

The protection of your financial information and the security of your online transactions are very important to us. To make your Online Banking experience safer and more secure we added a higher level of security to the login process called Multi-Factor Authentication.

Why does the credit union use Multi-Factor Authentication?
With an Internet scam called “phishing” fraudsters attempt to trick people into giving up their confidential information such as passwords and account numbers by creating fake websites that look like legitimate websites. These fake pages often look identical to the real thing, so it can be difficult to tell if you are on the real or fake site.

With Multi-Factor Authentication, you can create a secret image and text phrase known only to you. Then, every time you want to log into Online Banking, just look for your secret image and text phrase. If it's not there, you know you are not on the secured Hawaii State FCU Online Banking website.

Multi-Factor Authentication is FREE, and you won’t need any additional hardware or software to use it. Enrolling is easy and it will only take a few minutes of your time. All new Online Banking users will need to go through the one-time enrollment process.

Logging into your Online Banking account after you enroll.
After you enroll, the next time you want to sign-in to Online Banking, simply enter your User ID at the login screen just as you always have. Then, we’ll show you your secret image and text phrase that you selected. If the image and phrase shown to you are correct, you’ll continue with the login process and enter your Online Banking Password. This is your assurance that you are logging into Hawaii State FCU’s official online banking website, since no one else knows your image and text phrase.

What is the purpose of Challenge Questions?
Challenge Questions will only be displayed if you log into your Online Banking account form a computer different from the one you used during the enrollment. If we do not recognize the computer, the Challenge Questions will help identify you as an authorized user. This is another layer of security designed to protect your online account from unauthorized access if your account information is stolen. You will have the opportunity to “register” the computers you regularly use to access your online account. Once you have successfully answered the Challenge Questions, you may proceed to log in.

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